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Heather Dade was born near the Great Lakes, but made her way to South Carolina where she lives to this day. She's the author of Epiphany (an ARe best seller) and Forbidden Magic. She has also published several books and over forty short stores and poems under the name Heather Kuehl (pronounced "keel").
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Forbidden Magic update

Right now there is still no release date for Forbidden Magic. I'm hoping it will be released soon, but I think Eternal Press is having some growing pains from being purchased by Caliburn Press. As soon as I know a date, you'll know a date....hopefully. :)

In the mean time, I have added the title to Goodreads. I love Goodreads. Very handy site. You can take a look at Forbidden Magic at https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/30294965-forbidden-magic.

And feel free to follow my Goodreads page at https://www.goodreads.com/mrsheyhey!

Some of you may have noticed that a lot of my pages have changed to the MrsHeyHey name. Heather Kuehl was my name when I was married to my ex husband, and it's a name I'm going to start phasing out. I'm working on new books in new series, and I'll be publishing those under the name Heather Dade. So I don't have to update two blogs, two twitters, two facebooks, etc., I've created the catch-all name for my work; MrsHeyHey. So far, my blog, Twitter, and Goodreads account all reflect that update. I hope that makes sense.

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