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Monday, March 21, 2011

Writing stress

Just so you all know, I'm about to complain. A lot. Feel free to ignore my whiny rant. :o)

I'm working on editing Of Wolf and Man right now before I deem it acceptable to submit. I've decided to add an additional chapter explaining rogue werewolves, since this is an important factor of this particular book. I've just finished writing a six page synopsis for Of Wolf and Man so I can start submitting queries to agents. Yep, I said agents. I'm going for gold with this manuscript. I feel that Of Wolf and Man is my ticket to get published by a big publishing house. I feel that my goal of seeing my book on the shelf at B&N is near. And while I'm sure it would sell well at a smaller ebook publisher, I have goals I want to see met:
  1. see my book on the shelf at B&N
  2. get on the NYTimes bestseller list.

Hence the stress.

I want to make it as perfect as possible, which is really impossible because even books at the store aren't perfect. But I want to get close! Of Wolf and Man has been the primary focus of my work for several months now, pushing several WIP into the background (including Sarah Vargas 4....and Sarah's wanting to come out and play for this one!). But it seems that every time I open the file, I see more and more problems. I'm starting to wonder if the problems I think I see are even valid, or the product of my stressed out mind.

Part of me thinks I should set it aside and work on something else for a bit, but I worry that if I let it collect dust for too long that there won't be a market for it anymore.


However, in dealing with all of this I have made an important decision for the Sarah Vargas Series. Much like Star Wars is divided into parts (episodes 1-3 being part one and episodes 4-6 being part two) I am going to do the same with this series. Books 1-3 (Fade to Black, Malevolent Dead, and Blood Moon) will be considered part one, while books 4-6 will be part two. Makes sense? Each part will be stand alone, readers not having to read books 1-3 to understand books 4-6. I intend for there to be three parts, unless Sarah gets tired of this mess and cuts it short. That's a grand total of nine Sarah Vargas books. Confused yet? LoL

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