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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Interview with Maggie Dove

Dear Readers,

ANGEL OF WINDWORD is my first novel, and the first of the WINDWORD trilogy. CALL ME DUCHESS, the prequel to ANGEL OF WINDWORD and the story of two characters from my original manuscript is set in 1870 England and will be released by Eternal Press on January, 2011. At this time, I am writing my third novel, THE ENGLISH MARQUESA. The last of the Windword Trilogy is set in 1870 Spain and also involves a member of the Kent family.

Angel of Windword Buy Links:
ebook available at http://www.eternalpress.biz/book.php?isbn=9781926704654
Paperback and Kindle available at http://www.amazon.com/Angel-Of-Windword-ebook/dp/B003ICWCFI/ref=pd_rhf_p_t_2

Call Me Duchess Buy Links:
Buy Link: http://eternalpress.biz/book.php?isbn=9781615722860
Paperback can be ordered through Barnes & Noble.
Paperback and Kindle available at Amazon. Com
Paperback Available at: http://www.amazon.com/Call-Me-Duchess-Maggie-Dove/dp/1615722874/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1296254706&sr=1-2

HK: Who, or what, is your inspiration to write?
MD: My grandfather was a writer.

HK: When did you start writing?
MD: I think in high school, and later on after I got married, I took a few college courses in creative writing and loved them.

HK: When did you realize that you wanted to become an author?
MD: It just happened. I never thought that I would write a book. My good friend, Diana Flori, dared me to write one and I wrote Angel of Windword. She also wrote a historical romance titled A Thorn At His Side.

HK: What is your advice for aspiring authors?
MD: Don't give up. Write it and send it out. Keep at it until you get published.

HK: Do you do research for your books/stories? What kind of research do you do?
MD: Yes. I go to the library and now I use the internet. What a source of information!

HK: Do you outline before you start writing?
MD: No. I just jot down the ideas that come to me so that I don't forget them.

HK: Do you plan ahead before you sit down to write, or do you let the story take you where it wants to go?
MD: I have an original idea and then the characters take on a life of their own and the story goes where it wants.

HK: Do you write at a desk, or do you have a laptop that you drag around the house with you?
MD: I write at a desk. I don't like laptops...I need my mouse!

HK: Besides a pen/pencil/notepad/computer, what is a must-have while writing?
MD: Coffee! Also a shower. When I take a long, hot shower, my characters have conversations and my mind gets filled with ideas for plot.

HK: How did it feel to sign your first publishing contract?
MD: Unbelieveable! I walked on air for literally months!

HK: What is your favorite genre to write? Your least favorite?
MD: Historical Romances and Romantic Suspense. My least favorite. I don't have a least favorite because I only write Historical Romance and Romantic Suspense.

HK: Is there a genre that you haven't written yet, but you want to try?
MD: Just Mystery. I love writing the mystery part in my books. So I was thinking that maybe I'd call myself Maggie Raven and write suspense.

HK: Tell me a bit about your books? What do you think makes them stand out from the rest?
MD: My books are historical romances with a twist. They also include a mystery. I love secondary characters who are humorous.

HK: There are many fascinating historical places in Charleston, South Carolina. Are there any within your books?
MD: My first book takes place in France, my second in England and the one that I'm writing now, The English Marquesa takes place in Spain. I'm enjoying writing the latter because I lived in Spain for a year when I was 19 years old.

HK: And, for fun, if you could be anyone for a day - real or fictional - who would you be?
MD: Bewitched. She will always be young and beautiful even after Darin passes on without her. I love the fact that a simple movement of her nose can get her everything she wants, including her housework done!

HK: Thank you so much for participating in this interview! :o)
MD: Thanks, Heather!

Call Me Duchess Excerpt

Ah, the London Season—how glamorous, how debauch!

Staring at his image in the gilded mirror on top of the marbled staircase, the nobleman adjusted his black mask over his eyes and smiled with approval while surveying the fine-looking picture he presented. As usual, his appearance was faultless. There was not a hair out of place. It was time to make his grand entrance, but he couldn’t help but linger a while longer as he looked over the banister at the massive ballroom below.

The magnificent Bentley House boasted the most exquisite of ballrooms, and tonight the festooned and tinseled room did not disappoint. What would the London Season be without the Dowager Duchess of Wallingford’s annual masquerade ball, held every year at the commencement of the Season? He had looked forward to it for months.

His heart pounded with anticipation as he slowly descended the staircase, his keen eyes surveying the magical grandeur before him.

There she was now—the bejeweled and crusty dowager, dressed in black silk and lace, smiling at her doting son, the Duke of Wallingford. The duke’s escort, Lady Lorena Bonner, giggled and blushed while speaking to Lord Christopher Jackman, who looked more enamored by her than ever.

Entering the room, the nobleman recognized Lord and Lady Hardwood and their delectable daughter, Samantha, from last year’s Season. He accepted a flute of champagne from one of the numerous silver trays being passed around by uniformed waiters. He glanced at the dance floor and noticed the Countess of Salesbury waltzing with a young dandy while her aged husband watched silently. And was that not the exquisite Marchioness of Albester in lively conversation with the Earl of Deville? Where were their other halves? No doubt enjoying a lovers’ rendezvous in the terrace while their spouses conversed for all to witness. The nobleman smirked, remembering how the four had scandalized the ton with their blatant behavior last summer. But that was last year’s gossip. He wondered what tidbit this year would bring.

The marchioness called him over, but he could not go and speak to her now. He pretended not to notice, for he had more pressing matters at hand. The nobleman was not interested in the guests he recognized. He was more fascinated by the guests he had yet to meet.

Looking to his side, he observed a large group of young ladies standing by the north wall. So many of them! Giggling and hoping they’d be noticed. This year’s pretty pickings—such beautiful, dainty flowers just waiting to be plucked. Where would he start? Knocking back the champagne with one quick gulp, he headed toward them.

The London Season—how glamorous, how debauch, indeed! The time of year when the upper crust departed from their country manors and brought their young daughters to London to partake in the marriage mart, all anxiously hoping the young debutantes would meet eligible bachelors from good families such as theirs.

He wondered which one he would rape tonight.


Maggie Dove said...

Hi Heather,

I'm delighted to be here. Thank you for giving me a chance to talk about my books!

Vicky Koch aka Sophia Knightly said...

Great interview, Maggie. I love your books and can't wait till you finish writing The English Marquesa!

Wishing you a lot of sales on Call Me Duchess and Angel of Windword!

Maggie Dove said...

Thanks, Vicky!