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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting Serious Now: By Quinn Longstrong

I must say that I agree whole heartedly. Facebook needs to redefine what they consider "inappropriate" and not be biased when it comes to the sexual orientations of it's members. Please read what Quinn Longstrong so eloquently said, and stop discrimination!
This whole hypocritical shit that has been going on lately with Facebook and those who are of same gender or bi-sexual orientations with tasteful and artful pictures on their profiles getting buillied into basically "hiding" who they are is old and tired. The world isn't meant for just some and not others. I have proof.

1. In the dawn of American civilization Pilgrims and explorers came to the New World to forge out a new life. Native Americans were not only killed, run off their homelands, or forced conversion of anglo saxon christian belief systems but eventully through the first couple of centuries were forced to live on reservations where many stil reside. Many Native American tribes have all but become extinct because of "some people thinking the country were for some and not all".

2. In the 1600s through well the late 60's(well pretty much still prevalent) African-American people have been enslaved and discriminated against. They have been beaten, separated, sold, and every other atrocity just because of the color of their skin and because "some people thinking the country were for some and not all" said they were not intelligent enough to have their own rights and lives...yeah tell that sad stupid shit to Oprah Winfrey, Sidney Poiter, Nelson Mandela, and President O'Bama.

3.In the mid 80s through 1990, a young boy who was plagued with hemophilia contracted AIDS through a life saving blood transfusion and was run out of his Indiana town. Ryan White was the center of paranoia and he was just a little kid. He was denied the right to an education, shunned, tormented, his family tormented, all because "Some people thinking the country were for some and not for all" decided it. They were sorry later, but really all they will ever be is sorry sacks of shit if you ask me.

4. Laramie,WY, a young college student by the name of Matthew Shepherd was beaten and left for dead because he was homosexual. He never did anything to anyone and yet two upstanding young men were part of the "Some people thinking the country were for some and not all" club. Pathetic and Fred Phelps and his fanatics can suck my dick!

5. Teena Brandon, a transgendered human being was raped, beaten, and killed for what....because she was born the wrong gender? Because he fell in love with a woman? I tell ya, the "Some People Who Thinking the Country is for some and not all" really need to realize that they're group is getting smaller and smaller.

I can go on and on. Despite your skin color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or even your religeon everyone has the right to be happy and live the way that makes them that way! I think we have proven that skin color doesn't determine intelligence and sexual orientation doesn't mean you're an instant child molester or pornographer! Everyone has the right under the Constitution to be able to have freedom of speech,the press, to worship how they will, etc. and the right to post their pictures on a social network site. My problem is people getting profiles yanked because they have tasteful and beautiful pictures of same sex couples yet "straight" members can post near X rated pictures and there's no problem as far as Facebook is concerned.


--Quinn Longstrong

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