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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WIP List

What I consider Works in Progress (WIP); A WIP can be a short as a scribbled idea or as long as a finished manuscript that needs serious editing. Above my computer I have several WIP’s ideas taped to my wall. This is what my Works in Progress list looks like right now:

GRAY MAGIC – My NaNo2010 story needs a lot of work, which is why I still consider it a WIP. Synopsis: Tabitha Desdamona Drake is an Enforcer, the person that does the dirty work for the Conclave of witches. The Conclave orders T.D. to find the gray magic witch. A witch wielding gray magic would be able to use dark or light magic without cost, able to end the world with just a thought. The Conclave wants the gray magic witch. With it, they can rule the supernatural world with an iron fist. However, once she gets there T.D. finds that there are more pressing issues to take care of rather than the Conclave's agenda. Witches are being murdered and drained of their magic, and it's up to her to put a stop to it. Enter Dez, a vampire that works for the Lord of Charleston. As mysterious as he is annoying, Dez accompanies T.D. on her search for the witch killer claiming that the vampire Lord has ordered him to do so. But what does a vampire care about murdered witches? Dez's agenda mirrors the orders from the Conclave, and T.D. quickly realizes that she is in more danger than what she's bargained for.

OF WOLF AND MAN - I had just gotten through the hard scene when my computer crashed and I lost a good chunk of it. Tells the story of Juliet and Jensen; Juliet discovers Jensen's dangerous secret and now a Clan of rouge werewolves wants her dead. Synopsis: Juliet knows that Jensen has a dark secret, especially after he uses his super strength to fight three wolves and save her life. Imagine her surprise when she figures out that he's a werewolf. Imagine her greater surprise when she discovers that this knowledge puts her life in danger. The three wolves that attacked her were also Weres, and they want Jensen to themselves. Jensen has to do what he can to save Juliet, when she and her best friend are kidnapped by the Weres during Homecoming. Will he be able to get to Juliet in time, before the Weres change her into one of them? It's my first attempt at YA. I’m currently 33k in, and am at the climax of the story. However, I keep getting sidetracked by other projects. I hope to have this one finished by the first of the year….maybe.

ACROSS TIME - A novella about Amythist Dyier finding love again. Her short stories came out in quick bursts so I hope her novella does the same.

UNTITLED Technopath Story - Originally a short story, I realize that I have more to say. Samantha lives in a post apocalyptic world where a human created microbe can infect technology, making it alive. It needs the earth's resources to survive, and the humans are just scum standing in their way. Samantha is one of only a handful of technopaths, a person that can control technology, that can defeat them. The short story is finished, but I want to add more parts to it and see more of the world that Sam lives in.

UNTITLED Sarah Vargas 4 – I’m taking my sweet time before coming back to Sarah. I want to make sure that her story really needs to continue past Blood Moon. Synopsis: With the Blood Moon Corporation behind her Sarah is ready to start her life with Jared, but a phone call from Donavan puts their well deserved bliss on hold. There's a serial killer murdering humans on the loose in Brainerd, MN, one that changes with the full moon. If the human police catch him, it will put the Seffmoyer Clan in danger - the very Clan that Donavan's sister is in. Will Sarah and Jared be able to catch the supernatural killer before the police do?

UNTITLED Beauty and the Beast – Modern day telling of an old story, with a unique twist. That’s all I’ll say on this project.

THE WRONG MAN – A contemporary romance about finding love in all the wrong places.

UNTITLED ghost romance – The title says it all…

UNITITLED Dreamscape – Jasmine McGovern has the ability to control her dreams, a gift that sets her in the crosshairs of the Blood Moon Corporation. Except they don’t want to kill her. They want to use her ability to assassinate and control. How can she escape them?

AN UNEXPECTED LOVE – Originally a short story about Amir and Phaidra, I want to flesh it out and turn it from a 3k romance into a 15k romance.

And this isn't even all of it! I have ideas scribbled in small notebooks that I carry around with me. So add another 15-20 ideas on top of these I've listed. Sometimes I wish this list was carved in stone. A new idea will crop up, making my long list of WIPs even longer. But at least I can't complain that I don't have anything to write. :)

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