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Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Sarah Vargas story

I've just recieved word that my Sarah Vargas short story, "The Unexpected Guests," will be in the Just Another Paranormal Christmas anthology!

From Just Another Paranormal Monday:
The Christmas Anthology will be benefitting The ARMED FORCES CHILDREN’S EDUCATION FUND, Inc. (AFCEF) -- http://www.afcef.com as our charity. This fund was established on May 1, 2003, the first day of National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM).

The purpose of the non-profit corporation is to be able to financially assist the educational needs of the surviving children of the U.S. Military men and women who lost their lives on or after October 7, 2001, the commencement of Afghanistan operations, as part of the global war on terrorism defined as "Operation Enduring Freedom".

Regardless of our stance on war or our political opinions and views I feel that we, as authors, have something special that we can offer these surviving children. We are more than just mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. Through our writing we build dreams, inspire hope and create worlds where all of life’s possibilities are within our readers grasp – they just need to turn the page. We are the teachers and dream-makers of tomorrow. What better way to give back than to give a future of learning – a future of becoming everything they could ever hope to be; become everything their parents would have wanted them to be, despite the difficult paths they have walked.

Through this anthology and its PG-13 Christmas stories we have the opportunity to create worlds that inspire those dreams and help give a small part of ourselves that may make a difference in a child’s life.

This anthology is due out in late November. This short story takes place some time after the events in Blood Moon, however I consider it stand alone. I hope you purchase this anthology; it's for a wonderful cause.

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