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Sunday, August 8, 2010

So close...

I ended up adding two more chapters to what I already had in BLOOD MOON. Come to find out, the location was not realistic for what was happening. So I had to back track and change the setting. Voila! Problem fixed. But that doesn't change the fact that writing this book is like pulling teeth. I just keep telling myself that I have 4k left until I'm done, and the final fight is being set up. I hate to say it, but I think I'm tired of writing about Sarah. It's all I've done it seems since FADE TO BLACK was accepted for publication.

I sent a query for DREAM LOVER to a publisher and they wanted to see the entire draft. Yayy! I sent it to them last night and am praying for an acceptance. Here's the blurb for DREAM LOVER:

Denna Rainerd has dreamed about Warren Connelly for the past ten years, their relationship in the dream world hot and passionate. Pity he isn't real...or is he?

Warren wishes that Denna was in his real world, but a human in his world would be a liability. He's a Hunter shapeshifter; sworn to protect his world from the darkest of creatures while he's focused on revenge for the death of his brother.

Their worlds collide when Warren saves Denna's life, setting up a chain of events that will change their lives forever. Will Denna be able to accept Warren's supernatural secrets?

My next project is finishing OF WOLF AND MAN. The almost completed draft was lost in the computer meltdown of 2009, but luckily I had the majority of it backed up and printed. I haven't worked on it because my back up stopped at a scene I had a lot of problems with and I really hate rewriting. But I think I'm going to edit the entire draft and then see what happens. It's so close to being finished that it wouldn't be fair to just let it collect dust. The story is a paranormal YA that centers around Juliet and Jensen.

Juliet knows that Jensen has a dark secret, especially after he uses his super strength to fight three wolves and save her life. Imagine her surprise when she figures out that he's a werewolf. Imagine her greater surprise when she discovers that this knowledge puts her life in danger. The three wolves that attacked her were also Weres, and they want Jensen to themselves. Jensen has to do what he can to save Juliet, when she and her best friend are kidnapped by the Weres during Homecoming. Will he be able to get to Juliet in time, before the Weres change her into one of them?

I am actually looking forward to tweaking this a bit.

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