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Friday, August 13, 2010

Of Wolf and Man

I'm going to be complaining about this story for a while, so it's only fair to give you all the back story so you'll understand my frustration.

OF WOLF AND MAN was started over a year ago, maybe even two, and by 30k I was just a mere five chapters away from the end. Then, in September of 2009, my computer crashed. I lost everything; pictures of my newborn son that weren't backed up along with this story. I had an earlier draft backed up and printed, which was good. The bad was that it was only 21k. I was missing three pivotal chapters, one of which was a pain in the ass to write. After that happened, I put the manuscript up. I just didn't have the heart to rewrite what had been lost.

Well, yesterday I sat down and made some changes and I'm almost at 22k. I'm going to finish the tweaking today and start off where I left off. I feel good about this, because I'm adding an interesting subplot that will throw a wrench into Jensen and Juliet's plans. Also go to make sure that I add a meeting with the DeLocket Clan in there as well so that the end makes sense.

I'm sure I will be complaining a ton about this story, because I feel like I should be closer to being finished than what I already am. I hope to have it finished by December.

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