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Monday, August 2, 2010

It's a party

This week FADE TO BLACK is a guest over at http://deejulian.jimdo.com/blurb-party/ I had originally thought about participating in this after MALEVOLENT DEAD is released, but decided against it. With MD's release a little over a month away, I want new readers to have the time to catch up with the series. Luckily MD is only book 2. When book 3 comes out, I'll probably do the same thing then; promote FADE and MD until the month before the release. Makes sense?

And speaking of book 3...

I've been writing BLOOD MOON since April (probably even before that, but April's the earliest I can think of at the moment). I'm only at 11k and I want it to be around 22k like the other two books. I've been struggling through BM, until Friday. On Friday I reminded myself that BM isn't contracted and I don't have to write it if I'm not currently feeling it. So, I opened a new word document and started writing about Denna and Warren. No, I've never mentioned these characters before. They popped into my head on Friday and haven't left.

Currently I have a little over 10k written, and I can tell that it's going to be a novella around 15k like EPIPHANY. I think it's really funny that I've been struggling to get to 11k in BM for four months, but I did it in two days thanks to Denna and Warren. I hope to finish their story today and then start editing.

On most days I write around 2.5k, when I'm on a roll 5k (and that only happens once in a blue moon). The last two days have been so out of the norm for me that it makes me giddy. I have such a good feeling about these characters and their story. It's set in the same world as my other books, but has a totally different feel. If Nocturne Bites rejects EPIPHANY, then I'll try sending this new story to them. No, I don't have a title yet. I'm thinking about DREAM LOVER or maybe MIDNIGHT DREAMS. What do you think?

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