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Saturday, August 28, 2010


One of the most glorious things to ever witness is an animal being released back into the wild. I got to see this today when two sea turtles were released at Folly Beach County Park.

From the Sea Turtle Hospital blog:

The 100-pound loggerhead, Santos, was cold-stunned off the New England coast in the winter of ‘08 and treated for a year at the Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center at the University of New England. In November of ‘09, the turtle was transported to the South Carolina Aquarium to finish healing, catching a ride in a small Piper Twin Comanche with private pilot, Ronnie Santos from Mount Pleasant, SC. We are grateful for Ronnie and the East Cooper Pilot’s Association for this wonderful support!

The juvenile Kemp’s ridley, Surfer, was caught on hook and line just 4 months ago by a surf fisherman on Hilton Head, SC. Kemp’s ridleys are commonly found in near shore waters in the summertime and are prone to getting caught by recreational fishermen. Surfer underwent surgery to remove the hook that was deeply embedded in the esophagus. A hook that is left in the esophagus of a turtle in the wild can be problematic, possibly resulting in death and we congratulate all fishermen who turn these “hooked” endangered species over to the SCDNR.

For more information about the Sea Turtle Hospital, please visit http://scaquarium.org/STR/default.html

sea turtle flipper-prints in the sand

This was the second time I got to see a sea turtle be released back into the ocean, and I must say that it was heart warming as the first. It brough tears to my eyes as I watched the turtles glide across the sand, eager to get back to their natural habitat.

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