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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crazy Busy Day

I alway feel like a chicken with its head cut off before a book release, running around trying to get as much accomplished as possible before the big day. Here's a run down of what my last two days have looked like

I sent in the last of my guest blog posts. I always try to send them in a month or more ahead of time, that way I'm not busting my ass at the last minute.

I got some promo things written up and saved in my email drafts, like First Chapters Blog, that I won't be able to send in until the book is released. On Sept 7, all I'll have to do it click send.

I got book review requests ready to send out in my email drafts. Just have to attach my book and send...

that is until I got my ARC from Eternal Press with permission to use the proof as an ARC. This means I didn't have to wait until Sept 7 to send out my review requests. Sent out three requests today, and filled out four review request forms.

Double checked my website to make sure everything was ready to go for MALEVOLENT DEAD's release.

Making sure that I mention BLOOD MOON in any MD promo. Hey, it doesn't hurt to start early.

Stopped by the guests blogs I was on today and yesterday to acknowledge the people who commented.

I'm sure tomorrow will be an equally busy day. But with this being my third release, I've found that the more you do ahead of time the more time you'll have for other things - like writing or spending time with the family. In my case it's writing OF WOLF AND MAN.

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