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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Firstly, I'd like to announce that MALEVOLENT DEAD has been accepted by Eternal Press for publication. Release date is TBA. Interesting side note: I got my acceptance letter for MALEVOLENT on May 2, 2010. I got my acceptance letter for FADE TO BLACK on May 2, 2009. May 2 is my new lucky day! For updates on how the process from contract to publication is going, please check MALEVOLENT's page on my website.

Now for the topic of this blog: Timeline. With soon to be three books out all set in the same world I thought I'd go ahead talk about this now. First and foremost, PROMISES TO KEEP is a stand alone book. There isn't going to be a sequel. However that doesn't mean that Starlette, or other characters from that book, are never ever going to pop up again. For example, inside PROMISES, T.D. tells Starlette that she was attacked by a vampire necromancer's goons. These events happen within MALEVOLENT.

Backstory time: When I was editing FADE, I cut out a subplot that involved a vamp necromancer and T.D. (actually, for those of you looking closely, she's in the room with Sarah when Donavan is calling the Were meeting to order. She's the blonde in the corner). I hated having to cut it, but to me it felt like filler. I hate filler. But I like T.D., and MALEVOLENT was born from the 2,000 words I cut. Amazing.

So where does PROMISES fit in with the Sarah Vargas series, since T.D. is in both? Between MALEVOLENT and BLOOD MOON (the 3rd book in the series that I'm currently writing). She gets injured in MALEVOLENT, goes to help Starlette in PROMISES, and then helps Sarah again within BLOOD MOON.

T.D. is a very busy person. And my favorite character. You saw her witchy side in PROMISES TO KEEP. I can't wait for you to see her kick butt side in MALEVOLENT DEAD!

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