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Monday, May 10, 2010

Ready...Set...Book Signing!

I have four days left until my book signing at Here Be Books! I'm so nervous and excited, this being my first one and all. When I started getting things together for this, I had no clue what I was doing. Still don't, for that matter. But I found a lot of websites that give advice to authors such as myself. Some sites said to do this, others said to do that, but every site had a few pieces of advice that were the same and it's those pieces that I took seriously.*

1) Get 11x17 prints of your book cover made. Laminate them so that you can reuse them.
2) Buy/make bookmarks.
3) Have candy to entice people over to your table
4) have freebies. Everyone likes getting something for free.
5) send press releases

I have three different freebies for my book signing. The first is, of course, bookmarks. The second are FADE TO BLACK buttons that I ordered from PureButtons.com (these are limited. I only have 40 to give away). And third, the first chapter from MALEVOLENT DEAD (limited as well; I have 50). I hope that, even if they don't buy my books, the people taking these freebies will either buy it later or show a friend who will be interested.

I have no idea how many of each thing I will need. All I know is the day of my signing is the last day of Here Be Books big sale and one of their busiest days of the year. I figured I'd go overboard with the bookmarks since I don't have time to order more buttons. I don't want to make more than 50 Sneak Peeks because I don't want to have a ton of left overs.

On May 16 (or, if I'm feeling ambitious May 15), I will post an update on how my signing went. Maybe I'll learn something. Maybe I'll have a funny story. Hopefully it will be all good!

*Here are the list of sites I have been looking at when looking for book signing advice
40+ Ways to Make Your Next Book Signing an EVENT
Book Signing Tips - Matilija Press
How to Have a Successful Book Signing
Ten Tips of Tackling Book Signings...and other helpful hints
How to Write a Proper Press Release (because I didn't know how)

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