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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Space

I think a writer's space speaks volumes about the author behind the words. I always love to see what other authors spaces look like. What posters do they have? Is it neat or messy? What research material can I see? Is it near a window or in a dark corner? Is there a stereo near by? Is it cramped or spacious?

My writing space is wedged into corner of my bedroom. You see, we live in a two bedroom apartment. Originally, when we signed the lease, the second bedroom was supposed to become my study. Less than a month after we signed it we discovered I was preggers. Goodbye study, hello nursery. I made what I was left with work and now I have a writing area that makes me happy. No, there's not a lot of space but as you can see, it works!

It's cramped but near a window. At least I can see outside! I have a poster of Belle, my favorite Disney princess on the wall behind my monitor and a figurine of Spike from Buffy on my desk. I have a three shelf bookcase that's cram-packed with research material and WIP and beside that a milk crate that I use as a mini filing system. Right now I have to use my CD walkman to listen to music until my husband can get the CD drive of the computer to work (I got a CD jammed in it...go figure!). I'm not a huge fan of sticky notes (unless I'd editing) so there aren't a ton of notes on the wall behind the desk. A few pictures (Iris Falls Church and Haven!), a reminder of what ink cartrige I need for my printer, and reminders that I can writer (for those times I get frustrated and convince myself I can't).

As I'm writing this, it's a mess. Paper everywhere, book signing supplies scattered all willy-nilly, and things that desperatly need to be filed away. Once I clean it, because it really does need to be cleaned (I can't find anything!), I'm going to add a picture to this post.

Like I said earlier, I think a author's writing space says a lot about them. Maybe you can learn a little more about me.

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