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Heather Dade was born near the Great Lakes, but made her way to South Carolina where she lives to this day. She's the author of Epiphany (an ARe best seller) and Forbidden Magic. She has also published several books and over forty short stores and poems under the name Heather Kuehl (pronounced "keel").
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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary Brian!

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
While loving someone deeply gives you courage.

~Lao Tzu~
(6th century BC )

Love is that condition in which
The happiness of another person
Is essential to your own.

~Robert A. Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land ~
( July 7, 1907 – May 8, 1988)

the wait

It seemed
like years
I picked
a bouquet
of kisses
off her mouth
and put them
into a dawn-colored vase
the wait
was worth it.

in love.
~Richard Brautigan~
(January 30, 1935 – September 14, 1984)

One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life. That word is love.
(circa. 496 BC - 406 BC)

"Do you love me because I am beautiful,
or am I beautiful because you love me?"

"Love conquers all."

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast,
it is not proud.
It is not rude, it is not self-seeking.
It is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil,
but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts,
always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.

~I Corinthians 13:4-8~

All quotes found on http://www.sfheart.com/love.html

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Space

I think a writer's space speaks volumes about the author behind the words. I always love to see what other authors spaces look like. What posters do they have? Is it neat or messy? What research material can I see? Is it near a window or in a dark corner? Is there a stereo near by? Is it cramped or spacious?

My writing space is wedged into corner of my bedroom. You see, we live in a two bedroom apartment. Originally, when we signed the lease, the second bedroom was supposed to become my study. Less than a month after we signed it we discovered I was preggers. Goodbye study, hello nursery. I made what I was left with work and now I have a writing area that makes me happy. No, there's not a lot of space but as you can see, it works!

It's cramped but near a window. At least I can see outside! I have a poster of Belle, my favorite Disney princess on the wall behind my monitor and a figurine of Spike from Buffy on my desk. I have a three shelf bookcase that's cram-packed with research material and WIP and beside that a milk crate that I use as a mini filing system. Right now I have to use my CD walkman to listen to music until my husband can get the CD drive of the computer to work (I got a CD jammed in it...go figure!). I'm not a huge fan of sticky notes (unless I'd editing) so there aren't a ton of notes on the wall behind the desk. A few pictures (Iris Falls Church and Haven!), a reminder of what ink cartrige I need for my printer, and reminders that I can writer (for those times I get frustrated and convince myself I can't).

As I'm writing this, it's a mess. Paper everywhere, book signing supplies scattered all willy-nilly, and things that desperatly need to be filed away. Once I clean it, because it really does need to be cleaned (I can't find anything!), I'm going to add a picture to this post.

Like I said earlier, I think a author's writing space says a lot about them. Maybe you can learn a little more about me.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Interview and Acceptance

I'm due to have an interview go live today at Wordshaping, but as of fifteen minutes ago it's not up. I'm sure it will be later in the day.

I also got an acceptance from FLASHSHOT today! "The Escape," which was first published by the now dead Pen Pricks back in 2008, is going to be published again on June 17th!

EDIT @ 12:25AM (5/24/10) - The interview is now live! Why I write kick ass fantasy heroines!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Website Updates

I've been updating my website lately. Just small things, nothing major.

You'll see that I added my new review for PROMISES TO KEEP up on the review page as well as on P2K's page. I've rearranged The Books section. I've updated my bibliography.

On the main page, you will see that I've added a Works in Progress (WIP) and Submitted section. This way, you can track what I am working on or submitting...assuming you'd want to. I'm always fascinated with authory stuff like that on other author's sites. My favorites are Kim Harrison's drama box and Amelia Atwater-Rhodes website. You can get a look into the mind of the author. Maybe get some ideas on how to improve your own writing process.

Don't forget I'm at Wordshaping on May 23rd! Come on by and don't forget to leave a comment!

Monday, May 17, 2010


My haiku "Monster" is now up at Aphelion Webzine. It's been a long while since I've had a short story or a poem published. Feels good!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Feel Like a Real Author

My first book signing. *sigh* I was so nervous, and for no reason. It was GREAT! I had a blast. So many people came into Here Be Books, and I sold 19 copies of my books. 19! One of the sites I visited when looking up book signing tips said I was lucky if I sold 7. But 19! Wow. Here Be Books has copies of each of my books available at their store. I was left with a ton of bookmarks, but that is partially my fault. Last night I decided that I needed more than 80 bookmarks...so I stayed up until midnight printing 200 more. Yep, you saw the right; 200. When I get nervous, I go a little overboard with things. But at least it's not a waste. I can use those anywhere!

Here are some pics from the signing;

Friday, May 14, 2010

Guest blog list

I'm cleaning up the side bar on this blog and, just like with the interviews, I decided it would be easier to actually use the label feature so my guest blogs will be easier to find.

Here's a list of the guest blogs I have done thus far:

5/12/10 - Kayden's World of Paranormal (character interview)
4/3/10 - Fang-tastic Books
3/18/10 - You Gotta Read
3/11/10 - Romance Junkies
3/10/10 - The Pen and Muse
3/6/10 - Dawn's Reading Nook
3/3/10 - Romance Roundtable
2/24/10 - Backseat Nightmares
2/21/10 - Dishin It Out
2/16/10 - Backseat Nightmares
11/3/09 - Kayden's World of Paranormal
10/21/09 - EP Author's Blog

My interviews

I'm trying to clean up the side bar on this blog, and in doing so I've decided to get rid of my interview list. However, since I am now actually using the label feature on this blog, you should be able to find them easily on my label list. Yay!

So, below are all the interview I have currently done.

5/4/10 - Rachel Brimble's Blog
4/28/10 - Just Write!
4/7/10 - Page Readers
3/30/10 - Razlover's Book blog
3/29/10 - Spinning Pearls
3/25/10 - Margaret West Blog
2/6/10 - Love Romances and More
1/27/10 - Page Readers
10/30/09 - Book Chatter
10/5/09 - What's Hot in Romance

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ready...Set...Book Signing!

I have four days left until my book signing at Here Be Books! I'm so nervous and excited, this being my first one and all. When I started getting things together for this, I had no clue what I was doing. Still don't, for that matter. But I found a lot of websites that give advice to authors such as myself. Some sites said to do this, others said to do that, but every site had a few pieces of advice that were the same and it's those pieces that I took seriously.*

1) Get 11x17 prints of your book cover made. Laminate them so that you can reuse them.
2) Buy/make bookmarks.
3) Have candy to entice people over to your table
4) have freebies. Everyone likes getting something for free.
5) send press releases

I have three different freebies for my book signing. The first is, of course, bookmarks. The second are FADE TO BLACK buttons that I ordered from PureButtons.com (these are limited. I only have 40 to give away). And third, the first chapter from MALEVOLENT DEAD (limited as well; I have 50). I hope that, even if they don't buy my books, the people taking these freebies will either buy it later or show a friend who will be interested.

I have no idea how many of each thing I will need. All I know is the day of my signing is the last day of Here Be Books big sale and one of their busiest days of the year. I figured I'd go overboard with the bookmarks since I don't have time to order more buttons. I don't want to make more than 50 Sneak Peeks because I don't want to have a ton of left overs.

On May 16 (or, if I'm feeling ambitious May 15), I will post an update on how my signing went. Maybe I'll learn something. Maybe I'll have a funny story. Hopefully it will be all good!

*Here are the list of sites I have been looking at when looking for book signing advice
40+ Ways to Make Your Next Book Signing an EVENT
Book Signing Tips - Matilija Press
How to Have a Successful Book Signing
Ten Tips of Tackling Book Signings...and other helpful hints
How to Write a Proper Press Release (because I didn't know how)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Firstly, I'd like to announce that MALEVOLENT DEAD has been accepted by Eternal Press for publication. Release date is TBA. Interesting side note: I got my acceptance letter for MALEVOLENT on May 2, 2010. I got my acceptance letter for FADE TO BLACK on May 2, 2009. May 2 is my new lucky day! For updates on how the process from contract to publication is going, please check MALEVOLENT's page on my website.

Now for the topic of this blog: Timeline. With soon to be three books out all set in the same world I thought I'd go ahead talk about this now. First and foremost, PROMISES TO KEEP is a stand alone book. There isn't going to be a sequel. However that doesn't mean that Starlette, or other characters from that book, are never ever going to pop up again. For example, inside PROMISES, T.D. tells Starlette that she was attacked by a vampire necromancer's goons. These events happen within MALEVOLENT.

Backstory time: When I was editing FADE, I cut out a subplot that involved a vamp necromancer and T.D. (actually, for those of you looking closely, she's in the room with Sarah when Donavan is calling the Were meeting to order. She's the blonde in the corner). I hated having to cut it, but to me it felt like filler. I hate filler. But I like T.D., and MALEVOLENT was born from the 2,000 words I cut. Amazing.

So where does PROMISES fit in with the Sarah Vargas series, since T.D. is in both? Between MALEVOLENT and BLOOD MOON (the 3rd book in the series that I'm currently writing). She gets injured in MALEVOLENT, goes to help Starlette in PROMISES, and then helps Sarah again within BLOOD MOON.

T.D. is a very busy person. And my favorite character. You saw her witchy side in PROMISES TO KEEP. I can't wait for you to see her kick butt side in MALEVOLENT DEAD!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Welcoming Cate Masters!

It's May 1st. Do you know what that means?

It's time for another featured author! Yay! This month's author is Cate Masters, author of Fever Dreams. Take it away Cate!

The Power of Dreams

Do you believe dreams have a basis in reality? Can they sometimes contain warnings? Can they change the course of your life? Some believe all of the above. If you Google “dream meanings,” literally thousands of web sites appear. Probably just as many books have been written on the subject. Most agree that dreams flow from a person’s unconscious mind, using symbols relevant to that person’s life. A primal means of communication, symbols generally have universal meaning – for instance, a bird in flight represents freedom.

I prefer to dream during the day. As Edgar Allen Poe said: "Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream by night.” Though dreams fascinate me, I’m not one of those writers whose story ideas are conveyed through dreams.

Dreams allow us to delve deeper into our subconscious. Most importantly, they allow us the freedom to explore our most basic desires, and to set our imaginations free.

My contemporary novel, Fever Dreams, was a fun way to explore these concepts. The novel contains many fantasy dream sequences that allowed me to delve into the subconscious of the heroine, Diana, in a unique way. Through her dreams, she recognizes her feelings for Cal overwhelm her reason and better judgment. She knows the relationship has wonderful elements, but in almost a sensory overload way.

Eternal Press will release Fever Dreams http://www.eternalpress.biz/book.php?isbn=9781615720910 on May 7.

I'm holding a giveaway open until release day. Leave a comment at this Popculturedivas post for a chance to win a PDF of Fever Dreams. I’ll announce the winner on May 7 on my blog.

Here’s an excerpt from Fever Dreams:

The old magazines crowding the basket by the bookshelf could definitely go. She bagged all but the current month and would drop them off at the library next week.

By nine o’clock that night, weariness crept over her. She switched on the TV and plopped onto the sofa. She flipped through the channels and found a sixties music documentary on PBS that caught her interest. She curled up, cozy on the pillow. Soon her eyes grew heavy, and she drifted off.

She sat on the bank of a wide brown river. Birds twittered in the trees; the sun warmed her skin. She hugged her knees, covered by her long blue dress. Someone whistled a tune. Curious, she stood, and strolled upriver. On a crude raft, a boy drifted downstream, pole in hand. His straw hat and cotton shirt and pants appeared as odd as her midcalf dress. She should know him, but from where?

When he saw her, he waved, and pushed the raft to the bank.

As he approached, she realized why he looked familiar. The blue of his eyes matched the blue of her dress, his sandy brown hair framing his face beneath the hat. It was Cal.

He stepped onto the grass, holding the raft’s rope. “Come on. I’m going downstream.”

Even as a boy, his height overwhelmed her.

“What do you mean?”

His smile was as electric as his gaze. “Come with me.”

Those three words drew her like an incantation. She followed him to the raft. He held her hand as she climbed on. The center appeared the safest place, so she sat.

With the pole, he pushed out into the current. He turned to her and smiled. “Nice, huh?”

Better than nice, but she nodded. “Where are we going?”

“Why?” His lips curled in a half-smile; he pushed the raft farther from shore.

What an odd response, but he must have known what he was doing. She set her hands on the raft and leaned her head back to enjoy the sun. When he whistled “You Are My Sunshine,” she opened her eyes and smiled. His gaze embraced her, warmed her.

A distant rumble sounded. “What’s that?”

He thrust the pole into the water and pushed.

The noise grew louder, a low and steady rush. Her nerves prickled. “What is it?”

His loud laugh mixed with the approaching roar.

On all fours, she stared in horror. The river ahead disappeared in a mist.

“No—we have to turn back!”

His eyes blazed as he slowly turned. “There’s no turning back now.”

She gasped, and scrambled to the edge for something, anything to hold on to. The river dropped off. As the mist rose up to surround them, she could see nothing but Cal. The raft plunged down and down, no end in sight. The thundering water drowned her scream.

With a gasp, Diana awoke and sat up, her heart pounding as Cal’s laughter echoed in her head. Bart peered from the back of the sofa. She pulled him to her. “Oh, Bart. What a dream.” The thrumming of his purrs steadied her heartbeat, but she couldn’t quell the feeling that Cal’s sizzling blue eyes still seared into her like a laser.

Cate Masters writes fantasy/dark fantasy, historical, contemporary and speculative fiction, described by reviewers as “so compelling, I did not want to put it down,” “such romantic tales that really touch your soul,” “filled with action scenes which made it a riveting story,” and “the author weaves a great tale with a creative way of using words that makes the story refreshing to read.” Visit Cate online at http://www.catemasters.com/, http://www.catemasters.blogspot.com/ or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Ooooh! Sounds good Cate. I can't wait to get my hands on Fever Dreams on May 7th! Thank you for stopping by today.