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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting stuck

For once I'm not talking about writing. Well, I am...just not the process.

I've belonged to a bunch of writing forums, all of them filled with people that have spent years and years writing. That's great right; getting advice from veterans that have seen it all. Except that they haven't seen it all. They are still stuck writing short stories for paying markets and not going up to pro. Or they are still writing ebooks and not trying to get an agent.

I think it's very easy to get into a groove and stay there. It's comfy and you what to expect.

It scares me.

Some day I want to walk into my local B&N and find my book on the shelf. I'm not going to get there writing short fiction all the time or sticking with the ebook industry (although I do think ebooks are about to boom big time. I like that I'm in it, but it doesn't mesh good with my overall goal). It is so easy getting relaxed with a certain market; short fiction for instance. I wrote short fiction for years, nothing getting published by a pro market. Stop by my website, take a look at my bibliography. It's crazy how comfy I got there. I think when a writer gets too comfortable, they forget their original goal and that's how I'm getting.

I still plan on publishing MALEVOLENT DEAD and BLOOD MOON as ebooks, but my goal is to have an agent for my longer works within 18 months.

What's your goal?

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