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Monday, April 26, 2010

18 days....OMG!

There's only 18 days left until my book signing. I feel like there is so much to do. Print flyers, hand them out/stick them places, order 11x17 copies of my book covers, figure out what in the hell I'm doing, etc.

This is my first book signing. I have no idea what I'm doing. Every time I say this to someone, they just say "You show up and sign books" but there seems to be so much more than that. I've found a couple of websites that have helped me get an idea of what to expect, but I'm still running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Quite comical actually.

40+ Ways to Make Your Next Book Signing an EVENT!
How to Have A Successful Book Signing

Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

How embarrassing

Yesterday I went out to the shooting range to do some research for Blood Moon. Sarah's going to need a bigger gun than her little P22 and I needed to find something that would suit a person like her. I fell in love with the M16 there, and I think it will work well for what Sarah has to do.

While I was there I oogled the P22 and discovered something that is extremely embarrassing; I spelt Walther as Walter in Fade to Black.

I can't believe I did that! I also can't believe that I didn't catch it AFTER I did it. At least I have time to fix it in Malevolent Dead, but still!


I'm so embarrassed, but at least I'll learn from this. Always always ALWAYS double check everything!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Book Signing!

I'm going to be at Here Be Books in Summerville signing copies of FADE TO BLACK and PROMISES TO KEEP!

When: Saturday May 15

Time: 12-3pm EST

Where: Here Be Books (& Games)
4650 Ladson Road, Suite I
Summerville, SC 29485

Please comment if you have any questions. I hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


One of the worst things about being a writer is the submission process. As a writer, you work so hard creating and editing a manuscript. You polish it, send it out, and wait forever for a response. Sometimes a market is quick. For example, I got a 1.5 day rejection from Fantasy Magazine the other day. I don't mind that. Quick form rejection and I can send it out again. It's the rejections that you get 243 days after sending something out. By then, you think that this might be a good thing. Maybe they like your work and are trying to figure out where to put it. But usually they are overloaded with submissions and it took them 242 days to open your email.

That's was the submission process is for writers. 90% of the time it's disappointment; form rejections, cruel rejections, or no answer at all that take forever to get to you. 10% of the time it's golden; the acceptance, a positive personal rejection, or even a quick 1.5 day rejection.

Today I sent out a short story submission to Sword and Sorceress 25. I've been trying to get into this annual anthology since 2007. It's one of my writing goals. Every year I get a quick rejection, usually personal. I think I write too dark for them, but I have to try. Every year I get a rejection within a day. I can live with that. I just hate the waiting game. Hoping that this year, the editor will like a story I send her.

Hopefully this will be the year, but my jaded side says no. I'd really like to prove that side wrong.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Stats for Promises to Keep

*happy dance*

Promises to Keep is rising up the Bestseller lists!

(overall for Fantasy ebooks)
#16 - Fictionwise.com
#13 - Readerwise.com
#13 - ebookwise.com
#16 - Ereader.com

As for the Kindle, Promises isn't doing so well there. Currently ranking #162,518.

(overall for Eternal Press)
#4 - Fictionwise.com, Readerwise.com, & ebookwise.com! (unknown on Ereader.com)

Now if only I could get some reviews.... :o)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Holocaust Rememberance Day

It's been 65 years since the end of World War II. For some six million Jews the end of WWII just meant the beginning of a whole new world. (Some maintain that the definition of the Holocaust should include people in other groups as well; Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, and homosexuals for example. Add their deaths to those of the Jews and you'd have the total number of Holocaust victims up to 11-17 million people.) Those of us not affected by this can never know the true extent of what happened to those that were trapped in the camps. But we can read about it and we can learn so that it can NEVER happen again.

Night by Elie Wiesel is a book that has stuck with me since I first read it over ten years ago. I was a sophomore in high school at the time, and nothing I have read before or since has stayed with me like Night has.

From Barnes and Noble.com:
Night is Elie Wiesel’s masterpiece, a candid, horrific, and deeply poignant autobiographical account of his survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps. This new translation by Marion Wiesel, Elie’s wife and frequent translator, presents this seminal memoir in the language and spirit truest to the author’s original intent. And in a substantive new preface, Elie reflects on the enduring importance of Night and his lifelong, passionate dedication to ensuring that the world never forgets man’s capacity for inhumanity to man.

Night offers much more than a litany of the daily terrors, everyday perversions, and rampant sadism at Auschwitz and Buchenwald; it also eloquently addresses many of the philosophical as well as personal questions implicit in any serious consideration of what the Holocaust was, what it meant, and what its legacy is and will be.

Author Bio: Elie Wiesel is the internationally celebrated author, Nobel laureate, and spokesperson for humanity whose decision to dedicate his life to bearing witness for the Holocaust's martyrs and survivors found its earliest and most enduring voice in Night, his penetrating and profound account of the Nazi death camps. Born in the town of Sighet, Transylvania, he was a teenager when he and his family were taken from their home in 1944 to the Auschwitz concentration camp, and then to Buchenwald. Night is the terrifying record of Elie Wiesel's memories of the death of his family, the death of his own innocence, and his despair as a deeply observant Jew confronting the absolute evil of man.

Elie Wiesel is the author of more than forty internationally acclaimed works of fiction and nonfiction. He has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States of America Congressional Gold Medal, the French Legion of Honor, and, in 1986, the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities and University Professor at Boston University.
I think everyone should take the time to read this book. Night will make readers understand why we will always remember the Holocaust.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Getting stuck

For once I'm not talking about writing. Well, I am...just not the process.

I've belonged to a bunch of writing forums, all of them filled with people that have spent years and years writing. That's great right; getting advice from veterans that have seen it all. Except that they haven't seen it all. They are still stuck writing short stories for paying markets and not going up to pro. Or they are still writing ebooks and not trying to get an agent.

I think it's very easy to get into a groove and stay there. It's comfy and you what to expect.

It scares me.

Some day I want to walk into my local B&N and find my book on the shelf. I'm not going to get there writing short fiction all the time or sticking with the ebook industry (although I do think ebooks are about to boom big time. I like that I'm in it, but it doesn't mesh good with my overall goal). It is so easy getting relaxed with a certain market; short fiction for instance. I wrote short fiction for years, nothing getting published by a pro market. Stop by my website, take a look at my bibliography. It's crazy how comfy I got there. I think when a writer gets too comfortable, they forget their original goal and that's how I'm getting.

I still plan on publishing MALEVOLENT DEAD and BLOOD MOON as ebooks, but my goal is to have an agent for my longer works within 18 months.

What's your goal?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Upcoming events and bestseller info

Even though it is now April, I still have a lot of events coming up. Heck, I'm even still booking them. I have events going on through November, which can be found on my events page. So here's the line up for April and May.


Apr 3 - Guest blogging at Fangtastic Books. http://www.fang-tasticbooks.blogspot.com

Apr 7 - Interview over at Page Readers at 1pm EST. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/page-readers
Live Chat at Romance Junkies 9pm EST. http://www.romancejunkies.com/chat.html

Apr 24 - Visit me at Love Romances Cafe. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LoveRomancesCafe
Apr 28 - Interview on Just Write! http://justwritewithannemarienovark.blogspot.com


May 4 - Interview at Rachel Brimble's blog. http://rachelbrimble.blogspot.com

May 15- Guest blogging at Kayden's World of Paranormal. http://kaydenmcleodparanormal.blogspot.com

May 23 - Interview at Wordshaping. http://amberpolo.blogspot.com

May 30 - Visit me at Love Romances Cafe. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/LoveRomancesCafe/


Now that PROMISES TO KEEP is available everywhere, I've started keeping track of the bestseller lists. Here's the stats for Fictionwise.com:

#8 for Eternal Press (was #156 two days ago)
#54 for Fantasy ebooks (unknown rank before)

Woot! Let's make PROMISES reach #1!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcoming MC Halliday!

Hey everyone I have a special treat for you today. It's April 1st, and the first of my featured authors is on here today. Please welcome MC Halliday to my blog!

MC Halliday: Historical research is invaluable but it helps to have been there…

And I am sincerely not referring to time travel. Although that would be rather nice!

When writing a historical of a particular era, research is essential but it helps a great deal to be able to envision the time and place with genuine perception. Born in the UK , I have walked on cobbled streets, visited the preserved public houses and restaurants of bygone years, and lived in several very old homes.

My paternal grandparents were Victorians and lived in a Victorian row house with early century furniture, all their lives. From this, and other centuries old places I lived or stayed, I know the homes and hotels of which I write in my historical, I Came Up Stairs: A Victorian Courtesan’s Memoirs 1867~1871.

My elders provided much insight about British history and relayed family values as influenced by Queen Victoria , all of which I have utilized in my book. My maternal grandmother went into service at very young age and she provided me with an understanding of poorly compensated servitude to the thoughtless wealthy; I employed this knowledge in writing, I Came Up Stairs.

And although train rides appear in my tale, it might be of interest to note that rail lines and stations had been constructed only about ten years before the memoir begins in 1867. When I was growing up, we took the train often and the railway stations at all the stops were the original buildings from the 1850’s.

We’d often journey by train down to Portsmouth and up land to visit friends in small towns but the special trip was to Guildford for a shopping trip on the High Street. In this case, the name ‘high street’ is terribly apt as it is on a steep incline. The cobbled street has existed as a centre for quality shops and restaurants since the mid 19th century. I fondly recall we always had a hot luncheon of roast beef and luscious apple tart with custard at the Corona; an antiquated restaurant with low, dark beam ceilings where patrons and staff wound their way through a labyrinth of narrow passages with creaking floor boards.

From my actual old world acquaintance, it is my hope you’re transported to another time and place when reading: I Came Up Stairs: A Victorian Courtesan’s Memoirs, 1867 to 1871 ~ a tale of love and lovers, war and heartbreak woven into the erotic memoirs of a woman unashamed of her lush curves and amorous adventures.

Led from filth and poverty by a gentleman in the hopes of gaining coin for his purse, Mae is shaped into a lady and tutored in the arts of pleasure. With raw sensuality, she creates a seductive dance that entices the peerage in puritanical England , and she quickly becomes favored courtesan to Prince of Wales. Her renown and riches ever rising, she continues to romp with gamely men and women of both the nobility and the lower classes. Eventually, Mae’s bohemian ways cause suffering for those she loves and her own heartbreak. Must she conform to Victorian mores, or can she remain true to her sensual desires?

These intimate memoirs reveal a young woman’s journey from the slums of Whitechapel to celebrated dancer of the Victorian music hall, and courtesan to the highest peers of the British realm. From the years 1867 to 1871, Mae recounts her varied lovers and false loves, and her heartbreaking losses in a quest for happiness.

Word count: 88,550
Historical Erotica, 5 flames: f/m, f/f, m/m/f, f/f/f

Find at:
Eternal Press
paperback and kindle at Amazon
adobe at All Romance Ebooks

Reviews for I Came Up Stairs

From the review at national examiner.com: “MC Halliday will pull you in from the first page and hold you hostage. Even if you’ve found sexual stories distasteful, this one, written as a memoir, allows you to peek into someone’s diary and you won’t want to miss a page. This book comes with a highest recommendation and an expression of surprise that a big-name publisher hasn’t snapped up this awesome author.”

New review releasing April 1st at ERWA: "This big, juicy historical novel resembles the underground fiction of the time…the combination of explicit sex and a fast-moving plot is irresistible." And, "For lovers of literary erotica and historical fiction, this book is a treat." JR

About the author:

British born, MC Halliday lives on an island, in a cottage at the edge of a forest, nestled in a mountain valley. In tranquil surroundings with her dogs at her feet, she pens tales of women through the ages, from contemporary dark mystery to medieval fantasy. No matter the genre, vivid characterizations, surprising revelations and depth-charged plot twists abound in her novels, as MC explores the unique challenges presented to women of various eras.

From MC: If you’re so inclined, you can discover lots more about me and my books with links to my website and more of my writing at:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/mc.halliday

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1754593.M_C_Halliday

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3wcmv6R8L0

Thank you for being here today. Grab your copy of I Came Up Stairs: A Victorian Courtesan’s Memoirs, 1867 to 1871 by MC Halliday today!