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Thursday, March 18, 2010

No-show Blogs

Excuse me while I climb onto my soapbox. I feel that this may look bad on me, when I didn't do anything wrong.

Back in February, I scheduled a ton of guest blogs and interviews to promote PROMISES TO KEEP. Everything was due around March 1, and I made sure to email them the information early. After all, you never know if a file won't open. That would give enough time to make sure the problem was solved well before the blog/interview's due date. I have a planner that I keep track of all of my events in, even posting them on my Google calendar and Facebook with reminders emailed to me. I am one prepared little author.

The day of my guest blog/interview I promo the heck out of it, posting info on Facebook, Twitter, RITBS, Yahoo, etc. I enclude a link to the site.

So imagine my fury when I discover that the blog never put up my post.

I give it until 4pm EST before I email them. Maybe life got in the way. Maybe they are on a different schedule than I am. Maybe a meteor hit their house. Maybe they got abducted by aliens. Whatever. Here's what I say:

"Hi (insert name here). Just a reminder that my blog was supposed to go live today. I emailed it to you around the first of March. If for some reason you didn't get it, please let me know."

I don't care if it's late, as long as it goes up.

And then I get no reply. None. Nada.

How is that professional? The two blogs that were no-shows double as review sites. They are important high traffic sites for us little known authors. What ticks me off the most is how much time I spent on these guest blogs when I could have been writing or, better yet, spending time with my family.

In a week or so, if I still haven't heard from no-show-blog#2, I'll post it on here. It was a funny post, one that I was very proud of.

I'm getting off my soapbox....for now.


Lorrie said...

That is really a rip-off, Heather.
I can't fault your fury.
Some people are just not nice, dependable, or professional.

Heather Kuehl said...

Thank you Lorrie. Luckily, one of my no-shows got back to me since I posted this. She had a family emergency and hadn't been home for days. I can understand that, and she has corrected the problem.