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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

38 days and counting....

Until Promises to Keep is out! I can't believe it's almost a month before the release date. However, unlike with Fade to Black, I know what to expect. I'm already setting up online events to promote, have my bookmarks and commercial finished, and awaiting the final cover art so that I can post my banner. I even talked a little about it on Page Readers today. Now I have to work on my character interview for EP and finish writing Malevolent Dead.

Something in Malevolent just isn't flowing. I can't tell if Sarah is unhappy with the flow of the plot or if I am. I think I'm going to have to sit down, reread it, and figure it out. I want the first draft finished by March 7, the day that Promises comes out. That way, I can edit and submit it to EP. I don't want there to be a long wait between Fade and Malevolent.

In the meantime, Epiphany has been sent to Nocturne Bites. Hopefully they accept it. Epiphany features Mika, a character that I have written about before. He's number 1 on the Top Ten Favorite Characters list. I can't wait to have the opportuitny to share him with you.

I've just realized that I need to make a works in progress list. That way you and I can keep track of what I'm writing. And maybe a little bar keeping track of how much I write, like during NaNoWriMo.

Now for the bad new...sort of. Flashing Swords is closing their doors, meaning that my short story "Dalamar's Quest" is not going to be published...by them. I've already submitted it to another market so hopefully this time it will make it in print. Like I said, sort of bad news. I knew this market was going under for a while now, I had just hoped that it would hold out until my story got published.

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