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Heather Dade was born near the Great Lakes, but made her way to South Carolina where she lives to this day. She's the author of Epiphany (an ARe best seller) and Forbidden Magic. She has also published several books and over forty short stores and poems under the name Heather Kuehl (pronounced "keel").
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

FADE TO BLACK - Today's the day!

When I was in sixth grade, I realized that I wanted to be a writer. Not just a writer, I wanted to be a published author. When I was in ninth grade I had my first story published in Wild Tales for Cool Kids writing contest. That was when I realized that I didn't just want to be a published author, shoved into an anthology with other authors. I wanted my own book. I wanted to know that when it sold, people bought it because they liked me.

And now, what feels like a bazillion years later, my dream has come true. FADE TO BLACK is released and I feel like I'm floating. Years of hard work and determination, sculpting the manuscript from a hunk of stone into an elegant piece of paranormal fiction, has finally paid off. I don't think it truly hit me until this morning, when I was looking at the Eternal Press main page. And now....I am a writer who's at a loss for words.

Thank you, Eternal Press, for making my dream come true. Thank you Ally, Lauren, Lisa, Candace, Sheryl, Ellen, Pamela, and the rest of the EP staff. Thank you Amanda for my beautiful cover art! And congrats to my fellow October authors; Maggie Dove, Mary Corrales, Roxanne Rhods, Teel James Glenn, Shelley Dayton, Graeme S. Houston, and A.J Ryan.

Later on this afternoon I will be posting the first chatper of FADE TO BLACK onhere. Then join me from 7-8pm EST tonight for the live author chat!(http://www.eternalpress.ca/LiveAuthorChats.html)

Heather Kuehl

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