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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hard Drive Failure

So....my hard drive has failed on me. The good news: the POS computer is still under waranty. The bad bad very bad news: nothing on it was backed up. Not my son's pictures. Not my stories. Not my F2B stuff. NOTHING!!!!!

The HP tech dude suggested hooking up the corrupted hard drive to another notebook, but this has failed us. We are going to try a data recovery service, but I don't have any hopes. This whole situation couldn't have happened at a worse time.

My lappy was an HP Pavillion dv6000. Almost a year and a half ago we had to replace the motherboard (covered under waranty) because it was faulty. Now we're replacing the hard drive for the same reason. This is BS. Really. A computer shouldn't cause this much grief.

And yes, I know I should have been backing everything up. I am stupid. We know this. Lets move on......

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