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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hard Drive Failure

So....my hard drive has failed on me. The good news: the POS computer is still under waranty. The bad bad very bad news: nothing on it was backed up. Not my son's pictures. Not my stories. Not my F2B stuff. NOTHING!!!!!

The HP tech dude suggested hooking up the corrupted hard drive to another notebook, but this has failed us. We are going to try a data recovery service, but I don't have any hopes. This whole situation couldn't have happened at a worse time.

My lappy was an HP Pavillion dv6000. Almost a year and a half ago we had to replace the motherboard (covered under waranty) because it was faulty. Now we're replacing the hard drive for the same reason. This is BS. Really. A computer shouldn't cause this much grief.

And yes, I know I should have been backing everything up. I am stupid. We know this. Lets move on......

Saturday, September 26, 2009

10 days!

Until Fade to Black is avaliable in e-book form! I am totally spazing about this. In a good way mind you. This is a dream come true. And the best part?

I have finally figured out what to do about the sequel! Memory Remains is now going to be book 3, which means this will be a trilogy! Book 2 will be called Malevolent Dead, and will hopefully feature one of my favorite witches, T.D. Drake!

Once my computer is fixed, writing shall begin!

I hate my computer

On Tuesday night, I turned off my computer while grumbling that it was taking too long to do things. Wednesday morning, it stopping turning on....and it hasn't turned on since. From what I can tell, the most recent Window's Live update caused it to crash. Which sucks balls because I haven't backed ANYTHING up since January. I should know better by now, because this will be the forth time I've had to reformat this particular laptop.

My HP Pavillion dv6000 sucks. I hate it.

We are trying to postpone formatting until we are sure we can't get anything off. Because, while it would be a shame that I wouldn't be able to get my stories back, I can always rewrite them. HOWEVER, the pictures of my LM, from 2 months - 10 months of age, are not retakeable. Those are my primary concern. Everything else can just wait...

I need a better computer. One that won't die.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm still alive

Has it really been only four days since I found out the release date for my book?! I feel like it's been much, much longer. My mile long "to do" list is slowly dwindling. A lot of what I have left to do relies on me getting my official cover art. Can't make bookmarks without cover art. Can't make book trailer without cover art. Can't make business...well you get the idea. I have the mock up, which is what I am using to see what looks good where.

Eternal Press has an excerpt from Fade to Black up on their site: http://www.eternalpress.ca/fadetoblack.html Drop by there and take a peek.

I am all amped up, knowing the volume of things that need to be done. I'm so amped, that I'm procrastinating in non-efficient ways. I could be editing my next book but no, I'm either blogging, tweeting, or updating my facebook/myspace. I've messed with my book trailer so much that I have the music trapped in my head. I need to stop and get to work, but my brain is constantly turning to mush. I'm thinking about disconnecting my Internet tomorrow so that I can stop dicking around. I thought I had months left to plan this. I'm lucky that I already had banners finished and a book trailer started or else I'd be more in the hole that I am now. But, when I know I have a large volume of work to do, I always freeze up and look for other frivolous things to do.

It's amazing I've ever gotten published at all. :o)

There is good news within all of this chaos though; I think I sorted out a plot problem that I had with The Memory Remains. (TMR is the sequel to F2B.) Looks like I got a story to write for NaNoWriMo!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fade to Black Update

And a HUGE update it is. According to www.eternalpress.ca, FADE TO BLACK will be avaliable on 10/07/09. That's NEXT MONTH!

Since I had recieved a mockup of my cover art in my inbox yesterday, I knew it was going to be soon. I spent yesterday working on my banners and YouTube commercial, and I will spend today finishing them. A "Coming Soon" banner is already posted on my website and will be posted on this blog. I hope to have the "Coming Soon" commercial posted on YouTube and my Myspace page by the end of the day.

There is so much that I have to do, and time is running out! I would scream with delight, but I worry it would wake up my little one. :o)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Struck By Beauty

Mirror Dance now has my short story, "Struck by Beauty," up on their website. Please go here to read it: